Updates 2002


  • 16. December
    Wintrup 25 years after
    A wintruper echo ! The dynamic quartet in Wintrup almost 30 years after. Look here and check the difference.

  • 2. December
    Bass Balls ! - Interview with Hellmut Hattler in English.
    Price reduction: Kraan cds from Fünfundvierzig cost now 8 euro /piece (before: 12,5 ). Notice that terms of payment for customers outside Germany have changed.
    The reason why the new Kraan album is delayed has to do with timing. Thousands of albums are released every month, few of them gets sufficient attention - To ensure a reasonable sale you need press coverage (radio, newspapers , musicmagazines, websites, TV), promotion material for the press, flyers & posters, preferably a tour, and a label that feels dedicated enough to make sure everything happens in time, and a decent distribution network - also in U.S.A. - Kraan is now planning this.

  • 1. December
    Kraans coming album 'Through' will be released marts-april 2003, this is later than expected, I dont know why (yet)..
    Ulli Jagush heard the recordings and wrote a very positive review here (alas only in German)
    More Kraan lyrics online (Fred Bauer, Lutz Schönlau & Hellmut contributed)
    'We' didn't win the poll at www.misterpoll.com , but had the pleasure to be nr. 1 for a few seconds a couple of times :-)
    More small additions to the Solo's & work's page, its getting a bit crowded on this page.
    (Fred Bauer contributed again).
    The 'Mindit' service, that sent you an email every time this page was updated, doesn't work anymore. The company simply ceased to exist. A NEW UPDATE SERVICE IS OFFERED HERE - should work the same way, try it.

  • 25. November
    Now is the final time to Vote for Kraan live 2001 at www.misterpoll.com as the top progressive rock band year 2002! Beat the other 'band teams' in the noble sport of pollvoting/pollspamming - the poll ends on friday 29. November.
    Small but not insignificant updates on solos & works (thanks to Fred Bauer). Did you know that 'Electric Rama recorded 'Young Kings song' in 1996 ? - I didn't.
    Lyrics for 'Let it out' <Discography -> Lyrics > (thanks again to Fred Bauer)
    Another Kraan page

  • 13. November
    A strange rare kunstkopf recording by RIAS Berlin, early seventies (no exact date) with Alto but not Ingo. Few minutes bass solo, and Hellmut uses a wah wah pedal on his bass, then comes the end of Holiday am Marterhorn...special edition for the German radiomuseum. More to see here.
    If you have any further information about this rare recording please mail this website.

  • 10. November
    While we are waiting (for the new Kraan album)...Check out this woman Kraan fan
    Updates and minor additions to Solos & work (Liliental, Mickey D., Ax Genrich, Deep dive, Alex Oriental)

  • 4. November
    Passing the time (While we are waiting for the new Kraan album): Kraan is known as "the end of all that is" - Kraan is believed to have fled to california for a while - Kraan is not - Kraan is survived and remebered lovingly by his wife

  • Poll november 200227. October - Vox Populi - Surprise ! Kraans music is Kraanish:

  • 20. October.
    The Hattler jingle
    (mp3 - 49 kb) as heard 13 times each day at the German radio station wdr5 (Cologne)...but only if you're a rhineland area resident...

  • 9. October
    3 brand-new free Hattler mp3-downloads at http://www.hellmut-hattler.de/single - Thanx Hellmut !!
    www.Kraan.de updated. New graphics, concertdates updated, & more fun from Jan.
    Nam Nam for Nokia cellphones

  • 1. October
    More Kraan concertdates.

  • 17. september
    The Exposé magazine issue no.25 (92 pages) with the Kraan story & Hattler interview, can also be ordered in Europe (Denmark) from 'Music by mail' (Pierre Tassone) musbymail@get2net.dk (no website yet). The estimated price will be ca. 4,6 euro + postage (releasedate 20/9). Americans, see below - 10. september.

  • 14. September
    Excellent news: A new Kraan studio album is on the way ! !
    All basic tracks were recorded live (no drop ins) at Jan's farmhouse in june, the vocal and instrumental dubs were done later (in Ulm). 9 tracks have been recorded. It's in the mixing/production phase now. No release date yet, but the label will be Bassball.

    HATTLER release in France! The french company "m10 records" is going to release songs from the HATTLER albums "no eats yes" and "remixed vocal cuts" on one album. Release date: october 2002.
    The HATTLER composition "SILENT SURVEYOR" is on the actual "FLUTHILFE" compilation album (LXounds/sony) released 09/09/02.
    "TO BED" the first HATTLER single will be sent to the radio stations in october 2002.
    HATTLER tour dates (Germany): February 08 to february 23, 2003

  • 10. september -
    "Issue # 25 of Exposé is at the printer now, and will be shipping around September 20th. Highlights of this 92 page issue include (in very brief):
    KRAAN: Exposé editor Peter Thelen has assembled a comprehensive history of Kraan, supported by an outstanding interview with their star bassist Hellmut Hattler.
    For more information on how to get a copy of this issue, or subscribe to Exposé, check out the website at http://www.expose.org, where you can subscribe by check or money order, or go directly to The artist shop http://www.artist-shop.com where you can subscribe with your Visa. "

  • 6. September - More photos from the Progday concert U.S.A.
  • 5. september - Photo from the Progday concert: Photos - zeroes
  • 3. September -
    New KRAAN concert date & place: 07.12. Detmold/Stadthalle, Germany
    The first HATTLER single: "to bed" will be released in october 2002 on the bassball label.
    The track listing:
    01 TO BED (radio cut) taken from the forthcoming hattler album "mallberry moon"
    02 MISS AMERICA / p.m.fm RMX (previously unreleased version)
    03 NAOMI (previously unreleased instrumental track)
    The new HATTLER album "mallberry moon" will be released in january 2003!!!

  • 1. September - Nice review of Kraans performance at Progday: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kraanaholics/

  • 24. August
    Large interview with Kraan's 4th notability, the keyboardplayer Ingo Bischof !

  • 27. July
    Fine interview with Hellmut Hattler (www.seaoftranquility.org)
    Tab Two radioshow - info aus dem "gitarre&bass" magazin: Am 30.08.2002, 01:05 auf 3sat:
    Dance Night mit TAB TWO vom JazzBaltica Festival1997

  • 8. July - Another review of Kraan live 2001

  • 27. June
    Kraan starts next week to record some new tunes for a new album ! Releasedate, probably not this year.
    Ingo Bischof is working on a soloalbum! Releasedate perhaps late this year.
    Karthago, Ingos band before Kraan, will reunite and play some gigs this autumn.
    The "Rocklexikon Deutschland" (written by Christian Graf, published by Schwarzkopf-Verlag, 444 pages, www.lexxxikon.de ) is out now, including more than 700 artists and bands with some weird shots of KRAAN (1972) and Hellmut Hattler's Bassball (1978!)

  • 19. June - A search with Google for Ingo Bischof revealed, among others, these links (not mentioned before):
    Für fließende Hammond-Sounds sorgt als Gast Ingo Bischof: http://www.hamburgbluesband.de/mailorder/c3.html
    And I am sure there are many more...

  • 5. june
    More Kraan & Hattler concert dates added here (events)
    KRAAN's "nam nam" wird auf der cd zum buch ("made in germany/vol 2. - die besten 100 deutschen schallplatten") veröffentlicht werden. kraan belegt mit dem 1974er album "live" den rang 54Š (nur im buch: ein feines interview mit Hellmut)
    English: KRAAN's live version of "nam nam" will be released on the "made in germany/vol.2" double CD because the "KRAAN live" album (1974) was voted #54 of the "best 100 german records", perfectly documented in the book "MADE IN GERMANY - DIE HUNDERT BESTEN DEUTSCHEN PLATTEN" by the "musikexpress" music magazine. (only in the book: a nice interview with Hellmut)

    HATTLER's "silent surveyor (de-phazz RMX)" erscheint auf der neuen "SUNSETS 03" compilation CD (PIAS recordings) im juli und auf dem französichen compilation album "massages musical deux" im oktober 2002. und "no eats yes (de-phazz slimhouse mix)" erschien auf dem neuesten "TV Spielfilm 2" doppelalbum, "wave music - die neue sinnlichkeit" im vergangenen wonnemonat.
    English: HATTLER's "silent surveyor (de-phazz RMX)" will be released on the "SUNSETS 03" compilation cd (pias recordings/germany) in july as well as on a french compilation album called "massages musical deux" in october 2002.
    HATTLER's "delhi news" can be found on two new compilation albums: "bambuddha grove" (vol.2) and "goa-head" (vol.16)
    the "miss america (p.m.fm RMX)" will be compiled to a french release. title: nossy be "is funky for you. volume trois"

  • 3. June -
    Review of Kraan Live 2001:

    Review of Hattler:No eats yes:
    www.seaoftranquility.org will possibly make an interview with Hellmut Hattler in the near future.
    Review of Hattlers 'remixed vocal cuts' at RTLl text TV: here

  • 29. May - Hellmut Hattler: Bass Bands Business Bauchladen - Brief summary of article in German in the magazine http://www.gitarrebass.de/

  • 27. May - The following event takes place next weekend (1.6.2002) in
    Bremen/Germany on the "Breminale-Festival" (free entrance!!!)
    From the "Breminale"-schedule: Helmut Hattler
    Der ex-Kraan, ex-Tab Two Bass-Akrobat Helmut Hattler mit einem Solo-Auftritt. Im weiteren Verlauf kommen deep dive corp. aus Hamburg mit ihrer elektronischen Virtuosität hinzu. Als Höhepunkt der gemeinsamen Show werden Janine Jaeggi und Gustav Gisiger ihre Performance "Expander XXL"
    aufführen. Samstag, 1. Juni, Flut-Bühne, 22 Uhr

  • 7. May
    Kraan radioshow: KRAAN - The early years: 02. Juli 2002. See events for details
    Kraan in USA, The progdayfestivals announcement: http://www.progday.com/bands.htm

  • 18.april
    The album Heartware is now available from Torsten de Winkel as CD - it has been out of print the last 15 years and is probably the closest you can get to a Kraan album, that isn't...Tracks 8-12 are bonuses (including 'Ja ich weiss' that's downloadable from this website).

    Also available:
    - deWinkelHattler: Humanimal Talk (with Joo Kraus, Nana Vasconcelos)
    - de Winkel with Hattler/Cobham/Brecker: Mastertouch

    I dont know yet if they are available from www.bassball.net

  • 3. april -
    Announcement from Torsten de Winkel:
    We are happy to be able to announce that ordering Hattler music including the new "Kraan Live 2001" (and Bassball, No eats yes & Remixed vocal cuts ) has just become a great deal more convenient for residents of the Western hemisphere (USA, Canada, Mexico etc.). No more sending cash by snail mail to avoid exorbitant international cheque fees: courtesy of the new york jazz guerrilla musicians-for-musicians organization, you may now order directly from orders@nyjg.org and pay at www.paypal.com using your credit card.
    What's even better, more CDs featuring Hellmut and consorts are available at www.nyjg.org, e.g.
    - deWinkelHattler: Humanimal Talk (with Joo Kraus, Nana Vasconcelos)
    - de Winkel with Hattler/Cobham/Brecker: Mastertouch
    Prices: US $15 per CD plus $2.50 per order s&h, no matter how many CDs ordered, and with any order, the all-star CD "new york jazz guerrilla - method to the madness *part1" may be included for the discount price of only $5!

  • 24. March - The albums Kraan live 2001, Bassball, No eats yes & Remixed vocal cuts are now all available in USA &Canada) at a more reasobale price through Torsten de Winkel. Order via NYJG1@aol.com (and save banking expenses and intercontinental postage charges).

  • 18. March
    New Kraan gig dates (see events)!
    Minor corrections and additions to the info about Heartware (solos & works).
    Review of Hattlers newest CD www.jazzdimensions.de

  • 12. March
    Surprise ! ! ! - With Hellmut Hattlers consent - download Heartware: 'Ja, ich weiss' as mp3 - size: 3 MB. It's the second tune on the maxisingle by Heartware released in 1986. Peter Wolbrandt plays the guitar. (Permanent link: solos & works, Heartware)
    The lyrics to the album Nachtfart is online here (a small beginning, but still a beginning)
    Drumpedaltrouble 2001 (photos, zeroes, bottom)

  • 5. March
    There seems to be a growing demand for Kraan lyrics on this site. If you have any written material, send them to the webmaster and there will be created a lyrics section.
    Kraan's prog-day (USA) is aug. 31st
    This website gets around: www.elektrolurch.com/spezial/kraan/kraan.htm (btw 'Der Elektrolurch' is an album and a tune by Guru Guru 1974 )
    Hellmut has a mother - this is not really a surprise, but surprisingly a Kraan enthusiast claims to have found a picture of her online (Photosection, zeroes, bottom) - the certainty of this photo is thus really dubious. :-)

  • 21. February
    Rumours circulating that Kraan have rehearsed new material ! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kraanaholics/
    About replacement of the wrong Andy Nogger Cover: I haven't heard from EMI, and neither has anybody else. If you want to take direct action yourself, the guy in charge at EMI is : Gert Gliniorz glini@emimusic.de
    The new Hattler cd "mallberry moon" will be finished very soon and released before summer 2002. new material will be performed live in march (see tourdates at http://hellmut-hattler.de/).

  • 13. February
    Kraan goes to USA ! Progday festival - presumably 30.08. or 01.09.2002
    Hellmuts Hattlers new CD is available from www.bassball.net
    Some more records of boots on the bootlist

  • 1. February - petite stuff...
    Hattlers newsletter has a list of 16 gigdates for the band 'Hattler' in march. Get the newsletter here
    Minor additions to the discography (solos & works find "Guru Guru")
    Cd prices converted from DM to Euros
    The map of Schönsee were Kraan plays the 8. May has been fixed - it was some hundred kilometers out of focus ;-)

  • 21. January -
    The cover of Hattlers new album here
    Kraan concert scheduled 8. May 2002 at Schönsee (Oberpfalz). It will be recorded by Bayerischen Rundfunk, and probably broadcasted. But Where is Schönsee ?

  • 17. January -
    Another my-favorite-Kraan-album poll online: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kraanaholics/polls -
    - and in this newsgroup Hellmut is showing new sides of his talents, writing poetry under the 'pseudonym' dr. chem. ballo :-)

  • 2. January 2002 - Happy New Year !
    A newsgroup for Kraanfans has been established: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kraanaholics/
    Jan Wolbrandt has published new old photos and new new photos and some other peculiarities here (Flashplugin needed)
    An interview with Hellmut regarding the Christmasconcert in Ulm as graphic 126 kb (section articles)
    Some of Hellmut Hattlers paintings online at http://www.artmeup.de/HHworks.htm (Flashplugin needed)
    http://www.krautrocknet.com/ - perhaps a place to go
    Has anybody received a corrected cover of the Andy Nogger CD as promised by EMI ? Apparently noone has.

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