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Berg und Tal (mp3)
Exclusively for this website with permission from Kraan:

Berg und Tal - Audience recording from a concert in Köln-Mühlheim 17. March 1980.
Duration: 10.42 minutes, 9,8mb as mp3.
Crew: Peter Wolbrandt - Hellmut Hattler- Ingo Bishoff - Udo Dahmen.

This tune is previously unreleased:
'Discovered' on Napster 1999. Not released on Berliner Ring because the quality was not quite as good as the 2 other bootrecordings featured here ('Koffein' & 'Filz und Fett').

Download Berg und Tal - 9,8 mb mp3 (rightclick with the mouse and save)
You can get a free mp3player at www.winamp.com
  • 2003 Hamburg 5. october (great show)
  • 2003 at Tollwood Germany with the u.k. band YES.
  • 2001-2003 - There are many reports of audience bootrecordings from most of the 2001 and 2003 gigs - 2 fine tunes from the coming album has been reported.
  • Heidelberg 18.10.2001 , Schwimmbad Musik Club
  • Köln TV broadcast (45 min.) of the Subway gig on 3Sat (broadcasted July 6, 2001)
  • Köln 6.april 2001 Subway club, 79 minutes - a video will surely exist from 8. june 2001(TV broadcast).
  • Krefeld 5.april 2001, Kufa.
  • Hattler boots from tour in year 2000 exist - but will not be specificly mentioned on this site.
  • Herzberg festival 15.07.2000 - audience recordings were made, official recordings exists too - some tunes are released on the official album 'Live 2001'.
  • Ulm Open air 11.07.00 - several audience recordings were made, official recordings exists too - some tunes are released on the official album 'Live 2001'.
  • Bootleggers Choice - 140 Min. 19 unreleased Live-songs on 2 CD's - recorded between 1977 and 1990 - compilation by Peter Wolbrandt. You can't order here (Peter Wolbrandts website) See playlist.
  • Video from Weiden (details on their way - when my videomachine works again, webmaster)
  • UFO film (with some musical bits & pieces made by Kraan - 80'ties - more details on their way)
  • Wuppertal, Haus der Jugend 23.3.1991 101 minutes + Interview 48 minutes
  • Heidelberg 23.05.1991 , Schwimmbad Musik Club
  • Ålborg 1990 - Kraus, Hattler, & Wolbrandts played: Wintruper echoe - Wenn die kraaniche zieh'n - Is this the way - Yaqui yagua - Dinner for two - Rockets - Hallo ja ja - Vollgas ahoi - Kraan arabia (first set: 51 minutes) + Kunst stück - Holiday am marterhorn - Polarity - 13 min long bass solo starting with echoe bass - Jerk of Life - Nam Nam (long medley - with riffs from other tunes) - extra number: You're right... (second set: 61 minutes)
  • Video 1990, Vestergade 58 Århus Denmark (exist also as CDR).
  • Kiel 89
  • Stollwerk Köln 11.3.89 (WDR 3 Nachtmusik) with Torsten DeWinkel as guest star on some tunes. Also seen on Napster.
  • Köln 1987Kraan live 1987 in Tuttlingen
  • CD-Rom: Kraan live 1987 in Tuttlingen (60 min Livevideo), produced by Peter Wolbrandt.
  • Köln 1984 - Found on Napster (Bischof, Dahmen, Hattler, Wolbrandt)
  • Kassel / Germany - December 13, 1983
  • Düsseldorf 83 - Found on Napster (Lineup like below)
  • The Fabrik, Hamburg, recording date 29.April 1983 FM radiobroadcast NDR 2, Norddeutscher Rundfunk. (Kraan X). Lineup: Eef Albers, Gerry Brown, Ingo Bishoff, Hellmut Hattler, Mark McMillen.
  • Copenhagen (Denmark) 1983 (Kraan X) Lineup: Eef Albers, Gerry Brown, Ingo Bishoff, Hellmut Hattler, Mark McMillen.
  • Warburg 82 - Found on Napster
  • Ravensburg 1982,11th September broadcasted live on German Radiostation SWF3 (now:SWR3) Playlist: - Wintruper Echo - Nachtfahrt -You´re alright? - Hallo Ja Ja I don´t know - Nam Nam - Paper Stars- Bassolo - Koffein . - Gerry Brown on drums.
  • Dinslaken 81 - Found on Napster
  • Aachen 1981 (with Jan Fride) also found on Napster
  • Köln 80 - Found on Napster
  • Bremen 1980, FM radiobroadcast with a pot-puree" in reggae-style and P.Wolbrandts "she's gone"
  • Nieheim, a little town near wintrup - year is uncertain
  • Neuss 1979 - Found on Napster (very good ! )
  • Copenhagen (Denmark) 1979
    2-CD. Release 1999 - The story about selling the album from this website
    Disc 1:
  • Hallo Ja
  • Borgward
  • Far West
  • Yaqui Yagua
  • Nam Nam
  • Disc 2:
  • You're Right
  • Almrausch
    (with long adventurous
    bass solo)
  • Let it Out
  • Andy Nogger
  • Vollgas Ahoi
    (this tune is not complete,
    it fades out...)
  • Peter Wolbrandt: guitar, vocal
    Ingo Bishof: keyboards
    Hellmut Hattler: bass, vocal
    Udo Dahmen: drums

    Recorded live in the audience in "Saltlageret" Copenhagen, Denmark, on Nov.11, 1979 with Sennheiser Kunstkopf-system. Time: 2x45min

    by Skiold 1999.
    by Peter Wolbrandt
    "Mir hat es immer sehr viel Spaß gemacht, für die wilden Dänen zu spielen. Besonders in Copenhagen hatte ich öfters das Gefühl, eher eine Party zu feiern, als ein Konzert zu geben". Peter Wolbrandt 1999
  • Kiel 1979 - 20.3.1979 in Ballpompoes
  • Köln, Satory Saal , 15.03.1979
  • Hamburg 02.03.1978 - Hattlers bassball tour. Tunes: Kunststück (prototype, with another theme added), My U.S. aunt, Suite with Rund um die uhr ( the rythm and the chords, but not the Wolbrandt riff ), fades into: Prima Klima with a great Bishoff solo , then 2 tunes probably by Guru Guru with Hattler bass solo, then Bassball, and Penguins on Broadway with drum solo in the end. Around 70 minutes, good sound quality, good playing.
  • Copenhagen (Denmark) 1978 (Hattlers bassball tour with Udo Dahmen, Ingo Bishoff, Roland Schaeffer - from Guru Guru and Hubert Stütz) Sound quality low.
  • Wintrup 78 jam-session (P. Wolbrandt guitar and Lou Marignan:Bass, Pappert on drums (!) , W.Grasekamp on Hammond)
  • Essen 30.03 1977 - Found on Napster
  • Bensberg 06.03.1977
  • FM radiobroadcast 1977- Berlin, starts with interview with a very stoned Ingo Bishoff :-) - this concert was recorded on 25.03.77 in a club called "Taverne" at the Lützowplatz in Berlin, and broadcasted by Rias II probably on 16. Juni 1977 (data from Günter Auer).
  • Waltrop 76 - found on Napster
  • WDR 1976 - ca. 20 minutes (No further info yet)
  • Berlin, 04.09.1975 Quartier Latin, 11 tunes, 2 discs
  • Porta Westfalica 1975 - 7 tracks, hellmut hattler, peter wolbrandt, ingo bischof, jan fride, johannes pappert.
  • Siegen / Germany - February 2, 1975 ,
  • Telgte 1975, February 1 at the Schulzentrum Telgte
  • Köln, Sendesaal WDR 16.11.1974 50 minutes incl. Interview (Maybe the same tape as below)
  • Live tape from 1974 WDR - Presumably recorded in Schweitz , 13.11.74. Wolbrandt, Pappert, Fride & Hattler. Same playing style as on the album "Kraan Live" (and same year).
    4 tunes: Kraan arabia, Andy Nogger, Nam Nam with bass solo, Sarahs ritt..., 45 minutes.
  • Essen 1974 (No further info yet)
  • Adelsheim 74 or 75 ( cassette tape copy - no further info yet )
  • Wuppertal 1973 (No further info yet)
  • Unknown venue in Germany 1973. Sahras Ritt, Nam Nam, Hellmut talks, Hallo ja ja, Kraan Arabia. - 62 minutes (some of this stuff is used on "Real Wintrup").
  • Studio recording for SWF Broadcasting 1971 - Tunes: Head, Jack Steam, Mc.Escher, Mind Quake & Sahras Ritt.
  • Studio recording 1971 - Tunes: Sahra`s Ritt, Kraan Arabia, MC. Escher, Jack Steam. Sahra auf der Gänsewies & Head (These tunes (- Jack Steam) are later released on the EMI re-release of Kraan's first album)
  • Live & Rehearsal-Recordings from 68-75 - 33 tunes/recordings distributed under the title: "Real Wintrup 24.9.1974, Soundproduction featuring Kraan - brought to you by Gunni Heidler" in mp2/mp3 format - meaning: It can only be played on a computer or an mp3-player.
    Jamsessions, unreleased and old material from Let it out / Andy Nogger, but also Sarahs Ritt..." is present. Some has never been recorded on any albums. Sound quality o.k. for the fans. No liner notes except a playlist.
    If you are interested in this production, have a look here .

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    Composer and trumpetplayer Jon Hassell about recordcollections.

If you know any recordings / bootlegs or radiobroadcast not mentioned here, send a and the info will go on the web.

Fred Bauers more comprehensive list of Kraan boots