Photos of Kraan from the early seventies:
approx. 1970-1974

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Rose Grass: Kraan 1971
Rose Grass: Kraan 1971
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Rose Grass: Kraan 1971 This row:
Early KRAAN shots (probably spring 1971), photographed by Rose Grass. The live pix are from a radio recording session at the "SWF studio" Baden-Baden. They are a kind of legacy of KRAAN's former roadie Klaus Härtel, who passed away recently.
Hellmut Hattler with his Telecaster bass
One of the very first KRAAN gigs (Illertissen, Germany - Summer 1971)

First autogramcard from 72

Original painting by
Peter Wolbrandt
- used for cover on
Kraans first album.

From the early 70'ties

Gundi, David (Peters son),
Peter, Hattler 1972

Peter 1972

Kraan 72

Alto Pappert playing sax 1974

Gundi + Peter 1973

Kraan 72



.Kraan Live 1974
Hattler 1974
from 'Kraan Live' - English version
Kraan Live 1974
Jan Fride - 1974
from 'Kraan Live' - English version
Decca poster
Decca promo poster 1974
including Kraan Live (english cover)


Hattler 1973

Hattler relaxing 1972

After dangerous movie-recording.
At this time Kraan made a lot of videos with the first transportable videocamera. 1975

From Riebe's Fachblatt, issue July 1973.
Riebe started it in 1972 and was a magazin made by musicians for musicians - the first attempt to start an independent music magazin for the benefit and support of German Rock Bands

alto pappert 73



Riebe's Fachblatt Juli 1973
(found by Wolfgang Schmidt)

Flash 1973

Flash 1973

Concert poster 1974 large version 130 kb

1972 ?

Ticket - Kraan supports the british band Man 30.05.73
Entry: 6 DM - those were the days !

Peter Wolbrandt's original painting for the cover of 'Andy Nogger' (made on paper).

The Kraan comes out of its egg 1974

kraan ticket 1973-05-19 (kraan + birth control + guru guru)

The dog
Riebes fachblatt january 1973
Read about the dog...
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HH poster
Poster for the band Prof. Wolfff ensemble
made by Hellmut Hattler possibly in '72
(Click for large version)
Their keyboardplayer 'Romi Schickle' played on Kraans first album.
Romi - today2009

A bit far out in a Kraan context - but Khartago DID play at this festival 1972 allthough not mentioned on the poster - fantastic band-lineup by the way.1972

Khartago Lineup72/73: Joey Albrecht – guitar, voc, Gerald "Luciano" Hartwig - bass, Ingo Bischof - keyboards, organ, voc,  Tommy Goldschmidt - perc, Wolfgang "Panzer" Brock – drums
Ingo Bischof
Ein kleines Puzzleteilchen aus ME 01/1974.

Info from 1973