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Peter wolbrandt works his Epiphone in Copenhagen 79, photo by Skiold.
This guitar was later lost in Spain.......

Achtung - Kraan is coming !
Click to see a larger version 77 kb

Michael Bohns webpage

Jean-Paul Bourelly (not related to kraan)

Possible places to search for Kraan albums:


In the USA at
or at

English distributor: - this shop has Reger/Bischof/Fischer - Images of trance and rythm (2001)

You might also look for something else than Kraan (Hattler, Tab Two, Bischof...):

A handy links-page to all the UKs major record dealers and lots of smaller stores as well. Good luck !

Gemm - On 4. august 99 they had "Kraan Live" (1974) as vinyl.

RPM records

Record Finders - vinyl only.

Symphonic Music - look in "germanophone"

New Sonic Architecture

The Kraan music exchange:

The following persons mentioned below wants to exchange Kraan music

What you do is not the responsibility of this website BUT, the webmaster will state that any commercial copying or use of Kraans music is a least a violation of the musicians rights to their own work. You might also experience that IFPI or Wintrup musikverlags lawyer wants to talk with you. You should therefore think twice before you distribute copies.

If you want to be put on this list send the a mail.

Achim Vater - Germany, email

Per Skiold Frederiksen - Denmark email

Christian Zey - Germany, email