KRAAN:WINTRUP (ACD/OSA 941114) - Test pressing

Silver Wings (4:13) - Mind Quake (7:44) - Backs (6:45) - Gut und richtig (7:40) - Wintrup (5:26) - Jack Steam (5:54)

music composed and arranged by kraan - produced by kraan - recorded at studio 70 munich - november and december 1972
engineer: jürgen koppers - assistent: sebastian salm - supervision: walter holzbaur


peter wolbrandt (guit., voc.) - hellmut hattler (bass) - johannes a. pappert (sax., perc.) - jan fride (drums, congas)

Test pressing of Wintrup, read text under the photo:

Test pressing of Wintrup discovered by Achim Helge Winkelmeier - he writes:
"An original 1973 German test pressing of Kraan's "Wintrup". It came without a real LP sleeve. All inscriptions on the inner cover have been made by the pressing factory, the well-known Pallas company in Diepholz. The matrix numbers are identical to those of the first commercially available vinyl pressing of the album (Spiegelei 28 523-9 U) . The "Wintrup" reissue from 1976 with catalog number INT 135.610 has slightly better sound quality. "

The strange thing is that "Fat Mr. Rich" is listed as a 7'th track. But there is no 7'th track. The Wintrup release (like this) has only 6 tracks.
"Fat Mr. Rich" is a demo version of track nr 6 "Jack Steam", but recorded at the sessions for Kraans first selftitled album.
The track can be heard on the CD-reissue of "Wintrup" from 2001.