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09.03.2006: Hockenheim, Pumpwerk.
10.03.2006: Esslingen, Kulturzentrum Dieselstrasse
Thierry Miguet was there:
Kraan Kraan Kraan
Kraan Kraan Kraan
Kraan Kraan Kraan
Thierry & Pasckal Miguet 2006 Ticket
The photographer & his brother.    - a ticket from the event.

Thierry Miguet was here too:
Friday - 24.03.06 Lorsch - Musiktheater Rex with
HR3 - "Deutsche Rocklegenden".
HR3ManiIngo + Ali
hellmut hattler ManiIngo
Hellmut + Mani Hellmut HattlerVolker Rebell (hr3)
Hellmut + AnneHellmut + ManiHR3
Hellmut Hattler commented afterwards:
"The concept was somehow confusing for all of us (musicians and fans) but after putting all ideas together, rehearsing, resuming, it turned out real good!
I had tons of fun, Ingo played like a young genious and the increasing public resonance showed that many of them were just waiting to show up until Chrille ('The man The fan's review in the Kraan guestbook) put the lights on green."

It was recorded several times and one gig was filmed.
Rumour: Mr. Volker Rebell plans to release a cd or/and dvd. But the items can probably only be won in his weekly radio shows.


From the Kraan tourné april 2007 (Photo: Thomas Roessler)
Kraan 2007

More photos here: www.thomas-roessler.net/cpg/thumbnails.php?album=138

Holiday am Marterhorn vielleicht mit GipfelsturmA cold Kaliberg Hannover 09-09-07 heatet by Kraan (Photos: Fred Bauer):
More cold photos from Kaliberg here (by Axel Rademacher)

KaliBerg 09-09-07
KaliBerg 09-09-07
More cold photos from Kaliberg here (by Axel Rademacher)

Fulda 2007 - whithout Ingo Bischof. (photos by Karsten Rohrbach)

2008 - Kulturscheune in Melle-Buer, naer Osnabrück in Lower-Saxony, evening of 09.05.2008
Photos: Axel Rademacher - some are clickable.

Paintings by Peter Wolbrandt, Jan Fride and Hellmut Hattler. Installed during and after the concert of Kraan at the Kulturscheune in Melle-Buer on friday, 09.05.2008 (see above). The exhibition will stay for 4 or 6 weeks.
As you know, photos of pictures taken in a dark room doesn't serve the paintings the justice they deserve.

Photos: Axel Rademacher

Hellmut Hattler, Isabelle Ngnoubamdjum (Siyou) and Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions) at the 50th birthday party of fürst Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe (HATTLER performed there, january 2009).

Helnæs private mikrofestival, 22. august 2009. Helnæs is a small danish peninsula.

- Siyou: vocal, Hellmut Hattler: bass, Jürgen Schlachter: drums, John Sund: guitar, Aye Solomon: occasional percussion.

HH - Helnæs 09
Hellmut warming up
Helnæs 09Helnæs 09
Helnæs 09Helnæs 09
Photos: Michael Bohn

The duo
Oktober 2009 - It seems that Kraan now has become a duo
Hat tip - Axel Rademacher, photo: Jürgen Menzel, place: Dresden

Kraan solo

Neulich in der Steiermark!
Neulich in der Steiermark!

Kraan Offenbach 2010
Karsten W. Rohrbach

Photo: Karsten W. Rohrbach
Photos: Karsten W. Rohrbach

Beverungen 12.03.10 with guestappearance: Johannes Pappert
Photos taken by Michael Bartoldus: www.bollermanns-bilder.de

IMG_0115 IMG_4888 IMG_4891 IMG_4896 IMG_4897
IMG_4902 IMG_4937 IMG_4955 IMG_4998 IMG_5030
IMG_5039 IMG_5043 IMG_5127 IMG_5141 IMG_5148

Beverungen 2010: A contest or an experiment went wrong...

Matthias Siercke: Kraan Concert Photos from Hannover & Melle November 2010

3 KRAAN shots from the Finkenbach festival (15.08.2014)

Photos by Frieder Rodermund

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