Hattler: The mallberry moon tour press shot.This website is about the German rock/jazz/fusion band KRAAN.

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  • 23. November
    • Photo from 22. oktober kraan live at Roxy in Ulm (photographer: Frieder Rodermund.)
      22. oktober 2003
      Click for a different and larger version.

    • A Kraan ticket-museum:

    • Another Jan Fride release from 1999 has been detected: BLUB - 6 SONGS FOR LAVA LIGHT BULBS.
      Picture of cover at solos & works

    • Kraan at Nearfest: 9 minutes live interview - Look under interviews.

    • A review from "Musik Express" 9/1982" (sent as text thanks to Fred Bauer).

    • A Hattler review from USA

    • Remember: Christmas is coming (MUAHAHA !). Give your friends and family some great music from or perhaps Ingos new relaxation cd from

    • Remember to subscribe to Hattler news where info like this can be found:
      The HATTLER track "Delhi News" from the upcoming HATTLER album "BASS CUTS" was compiled to "Asia Lounge - asian flavoured club tunes - 3rd floor" (Audiopharm/spv) and is released now.

      Some of the new "BASS CUTS" material will be performed (solo!) at:
      Heidelberg - halle02 (RE/ACT-Medienkunstfestival) - Dec. 06, 2003
      Ulm - Roxy (for "amnesty international") - Dec. 10, 2003
      Ulm - Xinedome Lounge - Dec. 12, 2003 (t.b.c.)

      The HATTLER track "New I.D./preMX" (from the album "REMIXED VOCAL CUTS") was not only chosen as opener for the U.S. release "electrojazz at club Blue Note" but also for the forthcoming french movie "Je reste" (directed by Diane Kurys).
      And the HATTLER track "Nachtmaschine" (from the album "NO EATS YES") is playing on United Airlines during November and December 2003.

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